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  June 07, 2012 at 06:52pm


I’m no fashion blogger, but I am a fan of fashion blogs and I do love clothes as much as everyone else, hence my Lookbook.nu account. If you follow my blog, the previous entries have been purely personal and some food-related posts in between. 

So, I will try, TRY being the operative word, to show the other side of me, the fashion enthusiast side of me. To begin with, this will be my very first outfit post.

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  May 14, 2012 at 03:03pm

Graduation Day

  March 29, 2012 at 10:32pm
New Year, New Me (by Anina P.)

New Year, New Me (by Anina P.)

KartZone (by Anina P.)

KartZone (by Anina P.)

Typhoon What? (by Anina P.)

Typhoon What? (by Anina P.)

Home At Last (by Anina P.)

Home At Last (by Anina P.)

Day 5 (Last Day) of Luzon Escapade

October 28, 2011

*Breakfast at Executive Express Apartelle, Baguio City

Good Morning Baguio! Hello fog! :D

*Philippine Military Academy

(Photo grabbed from Dadean) In PMA, there was a place for souvenir shops and that’s exactly where we went after strolling around PMA.

Behold, Mars as the wolf, Me as the bear, Yna as the pig and Mamia as Hello Kitty.

Hype my look at Lookbook.nu here.

*The Mansion

Hi there, kiddo! :P

Photo grabbed from Yna.

*Mine’s View Park

Yna with (I forgot the dog’s name! HAHA). Anywhoo, Yna is a 2nd Year student who went with us (4th yrs.) for our tour. She is so fun to be with! :)

*Lunch at Executive Express Apartelle

That morning there was a thick fog but the sun came out at noon. However, the fog came back in the afternoon and this time, it was thicker. Of course, it was colder. ;)

*Burnham Park

*SM City Baguio

*Bound for Cebu

<3, A nina

Day 4 of Luzon Escapade

October 27, 2011

*Breakfast at AK’s

*Subic City Tour


Airport Runway

Sleeping Fruit Bats in Subic

Hello Bats. :)

Hello there, Mr. Monkey sitting pretty at the waiting shed. :P

*Freeport Exchange Zone a.k.a. Duty Free

Mars and I uber love hats. :) 

*Lunch at Giligan’s

On our way to Giligan’s I saw this very huge ship. I reckon the US Army owns this one.

View outside Giligan’s

The Gang a.k.a. TombSoc (Chrisia, Jel, Me, Grace, Mars). We missed you Er, Star and Lordee!

Because of the view, I decided to pose for my Lookbook. Hype my look at Lookbook.nu here.

Eating Time! :)

*Road Trip for Baguio

I reckon this is the route we took. Didn’t we? :P

We weren’t seatmates ‘coz we occupied two seats each. :P

Our tour guide told us that we were already near Baguio. Make sense ‘coz the temperature is starting to drop and because I’m very thin, I was freezing already! So, when we took a stop at 7’Eleven, I bought a coffee. It was my first time since I rarely drink coffee. :P

*Executive Express Apartelle, Baguio

Finally! We’re in Baguio. It was so cold but I still loved it! To our surprise, this was what our bed looked like. Honeymoon ang peg. PAK! :P
<3, A nina

PMA, Baguio City (by Anina P.)

PMA, Baguio City (by Anina P.)