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Day 4 of Luzon Escapade

October 27, 2011

*Breakfast at AK’s

*Subic City Tour


Airport Runway

Sleeping Fruit Bats in Subic

Hello Bats. :)

Hello there, Mr. Monkey sitting pretty at the waiting shed. :P

*Freeport Exchange Zone a.k.a. Duty Free

Mars and I uber love hats. :) 

*Lunch at Giligan’s

On our way to Giligan’s I saw this very huge ship. I reckon the US Army owns this one.

View outside Giligan’s

The Gang a.k.a. TombSoc (Chrisia, Jel, Me, Grace, Mars). We missed you Er, Star and Lordee!

Because of the view, I decided to pose for my Lookbook. Hype my look at Lookbook.nu here.

Eating Time! :)

*Road Trip for Baguio

I reckon this is the route we took. Didn’t we? :P

We weren’t seatmates ‘coz we occupied two seats each. :P

Our tour guide told us that we were already near Baguio. Make sense ‘coz the temperature is starting to drop and because I’m very thin, I was freezing already! So, when we took a stop at 7’Eleven, I bought a coffee. It was my first time since I rarely drink coffee. :P

*Executive Express Apartelle, Baguio

Finally! We’re in Baguio. It was so cold but I still loved it! To our surprise, this was what our bed looked like. Honeymoon ang peg. PAK! :P
<3, A nina

One-Legged Girl (by Anina P.)

One-Legged Girl (by Anina P.)